The Six-Step Process

Tired of difficult, time-consuming, and expensive supplier projects? Our six-step process helps you engage with suppliers and achieve the results you need.

Simple supplier collaboration in six easy steps

Our Six-Step Process breaks your challenge into manageable chunks and brings suppliers along with you. Behavioural science, change management, and our easy-to-use platform comes together as a vector for change.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1_ Materially Important Issue
Step 1: Materially Important Issue
Focus on what’s important

We start your journey by focusing on what’s really important to your business. We do this by asking two simple questions:

  • What matters most to your brand?
  • What’s most important to your stakeholders?

We achieve this thanks to the tried and tested Materiality Matrix. If you already have one, great! We’re happy to use that as a starting point.

Step 2_ SMART Goal
Step 2: SMART Goal
Set realistic and achievable goals

Successful goals take supplier readiness into account. To help you set better goals, we create unique dashboards for each issue. Then, we deploy issue-specific readiness surveys and supplier cohort mapping to:

  • Target communications, information, and training activities
  • Collect data from suppliers who can provide it
  • Assign trackable actions to multiple supplier action plans
  • Enlist supplier champions to support your efforts

This gives you the clarity and confidence you need to invest your team’s energy in the right places.

Step 3_ Benchmark
Step 3: Benchmark
Understand your benchmark

Supplier participation is the key to meaningful benchmarks. So, we take an innovative approach to supply chain data collection:

  • +80% supplier response rate guarantee in 12 weeks
  • Collect data at a supplier, site, product, component, and substance level
  • Bespoke and out-of-the-box questionnaires and dashboards

Our award-winning approach maximises supplier participation and improves decision-making.

Step 4_ Activation
Step 4: Activation
Close the performance gap

The runway for demonstrating the progress of your public commitments is shorter than you think. And landing your supplier initiatives is hard when you have hundreds of suppliers and products spanning multiple categories. That’s why our approach helps you:

  • Create strategic alignment between you and your suppliers
  • Increase supplier participation in your strategic activities
  • Develop all supplier knowledge and capabilities using incremental gains

Active and engaged suppliers will help take your business further.

Step 5_ Data-driven KPI
Step 5: Data-driven KPI
Grow accountability and transparency

To boost performance, you must be clear on what you expect from suppliers, tell them how they’re doing, and help them improve. We make it easy to bring together the most important supplier metrics into one place:

  • Increase the number of eyes on key business data by x10
  • Unlock the expertise and passion from your entire supply base
  • Have more high-value conversations by removing low-value reporting admin

This saves time, consolidates data, and reduces the likelihood that a supplier gets overlooked.

Step 6_ Commercialise
Step 6: Commercialise
Transform suppliers into your greatest brand asset

Most supplier initiatives fail to deliver ROI due to the complexity of the supply chain. We help you identify and meet your most valuable commercial gains:

  • Increase sales with data-backed product claims
  • Improve brand reputation with compelling stories about your sustainability journey
  • Improve the bottom line with efficiencies across the supply chain
  • Increase capabilities by capturing domain expertise from your supply base

It’s not just about fixing a problem. It’s about creating a long-term strategy that continues to deliver value as you grow.

Supply Pilot Brandmark
Step 1_ Materially Important Issue
Step 2_ SMART Goal
Step 3_ Benchmark
Step 4_ Activation
Step 5_ Data-driven KPI
Step 6_ Commercialise

Download our new whitepaper and turn your commitments into achievements

This piece of content aims to close the gap between intention and action, by providing pragmatic steps to embed suppliers in the approach to solve your environmental and social issues. We provide:

  • Exclusive data on the business significance of taking sustainability action
  • Easily digestible insights into environmental and social challenges faced by brands
  • Actionable steps to take
  • A process-driven solution to enhance supplier collaboration

Get results in weeks, not years.

Here’s how we get your supplier collaboration strategy up and running.

Discovery Call-icon white Discovery Call-icon-blue
Discovery Call

In your 30-minute discovery call, one of our team will help you unpick which issue would make a compelling pilot project. We’re happy to share pricing and timelines at this stage to help you decide whether we’re a good fit for your business.

Supply Pilot Demo icon white Supply Pilot Demo icon blue
Supply Pilot Demo

We’ll take you through a full demo of the Supply Pilot Platform for your specific need. We’ll show you how we use the Platform for each part of the project, and how we’ll help make sure it’s a success. Invite your internal stakeholders to the demo to help bring your pilot project to life. The demo takes 1-2 hours, depending on how many people attend.

Business Case icon white Business Case icon blue
Business Case

We’re by your side when it’s time to put your business case forward. If your boss is the visual type, we’ll put together a video. Is your board more interested in the numbers? We’ll arm you with the ROI.

go live icon-white go live icon blue

Now you’re on board, there’s plenty to do. So why waste time? Expect your kick-off meeting within days of sign-off and your branded platform will be live within a couple of weeks.

Success worth sharing

Creating a practical playbook to engage with suppliers

"We believe much of this is attributable to a collaborative approach to supplier relationships that seeks benefits to both Woolworths and suppliers."

Ward Duvall

Strategy and Business Development Executive, Woolworths


Ready for take-off?

The Six-Step Process was created because we believe in the power of great supplier relationships. Book your discovery call today and start your Supply Pilot journey.

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