About us

Supply Pilot helps businesses become more successful and sustainable through supplier collaboration.

Our mission

The challenges your brand face - whether competitive environmental or social - demand a consistent, clear, and compelling response as the urgency will only increase. We recognise this is easier said than done as scale and complexity can be overwhelming.

At Supply Pilot our mission is to transform the way businesses work with their suppliers, to build more successful, sustainable brands.

The best way to do this is to have a supply base that is aligned and actively involved in your brand strategy, where every supplier is representative of your brand. Working with just your top 20% isn't enough.

Our story

Supply Pilot was born as “Solutions for Retail Brands” in 2006 after our founders became frustrated with the consistent disconnect between brands and manufacturers.

I’d spend a day working with a brand and they used to say to me: ‘I just wish suppliers would just do as they were told’.

The next day I’d visit their suppliers who would say to me: ‘I just wish brands would tell me what they wanted!’

James Butcher Avatar
James Butcher Supply Pilot CEO

The results of this disconnect were evident

computer-monitor Brands waste millions on systems that suppliers weren't using
cloud Environmental & social initiatives failed to reduce impact across the long tail of the supply chain
clock New product development initiatives were delayed and didn’t get traction with consumers

Over the following decade and a half, we partnered with some of the largest brands in the world to transform how they work with their suppliers and help them achieve measurable results within weeks.

Our success comes from the way we approach the problems that brands face. We’re pragmatic problem-solvers who believe it’s better to make incremental improvements across your entire supply chain than focus on one big project with a few suppliers.

We make supplier collaboration simple and accessible for all brands so we can achieve more together, on time and right every time. And it was in the spirit of simplicity that we decided to rename Solutions for Retail Brands in 2022.


Our Leadership Team

James Butcher-2
James Butcher CEO

Multiple-time entrepreneur & Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership Alumni

Mark Fowkes-1
Mark Fowkes COO

20+ years IT leadership experience working with world's largest brands

Josie Lee-1
Josie Lee CFO

Experienced Chartered Accountant and KPMG alumni

Daniel Sayer-1
Daniel Sayer Technical Director

Leading retail supply chain data expert and Supply Pilot Platform product director

David Taylor-1
David Taylor Sales & Marketing Director

Award-winning supplier collaboration consultant and MBA Candidate

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