From intention to action

Advancing brand and retailer sustainability with effective supplier collaboration


Turn your commitments into achievements

Navigating sustainability is a complex challenge for many brands. Material issues are often identified, and commitments may be made, but the difficulty can often lie in making them a reality.

This whitepaper aims to close the gap between intention and action, by providing pragmatic steps to embed suppliers in the approach to solve your environmental and social issues.

What's included in the white paper:​

  • Exclusive data on the business significance of taking sustainability action
  • Easily digestible insights into environmental and social challenges faced by brands
  • Actionable steps for brands to take 
  • A process-driven solution to enhance supplier collaboration

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Lucy Moore

Sustainability Content Manager, Supply Pilot​

Sarah Blanchard

Head of ESG, Prof Consulting

Paul Ellis
Paul Ellis

Former Head of Sustainable Chemicals Management, Kingfisher

Kelly Hobson

Founder and Consultant, Shape Tomorrow

April Summerscales-Grant

Marketing Manager, Supply Pilot

James Butcher

CEO, Supply Pilot

David Taylor

Supply Chain Sustainability Consultant, Supply Pilot

Five challenges faced by five industries

We highlight five notable environmental and social challenges currently faced by five different industries and provide the practical steps to start making a positive impact across your supply base. 

Who this white paper is for: ​

Sustainability, procurement, and compliance professionals working in:

  • Fashion
  • Health and personal care
  • Home and garden
  • Food and drink
  • Household and cleaning

Measuring brand success

Our whitepaper findings mark the first-time operational performance has been incorporated into measures of business performance, determining a more overall measure of brand success.

The results of this research have shown clearly that sustainable practices are not only good for the environment, but they are good for business. The best way to overcome the complexity of becoming more sustainable is through supplier collaboration. 

James Butcher

CEO, Supply Pilot

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