The Supply Pilot Kickstart Assessment

Begin your sustainability journey with a quick and efficient assessment to activate suppliers, identify areas of risk, and inform action plans.

Struggling with where to start with your sustainability strategy?

There can be a lot of uncertainty around where to start when it comes to sustainability and it can be tempting to delay making important decisions when they really need to be addressed now.

Developing an understanding of which environmental and social issues are affected by your supply chain is a crucial first step on your journey. This Kickstart Assessment will help you to identify high-impact projects and areas of focus.

Get started

Our Kickstart Assessment has been designed to help you begin navigating the complexity of supply chain sustainability.

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Get ahead of consumer demand
Meet stakeholder expectations
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Overcome the complexity of having a large product portfolio and supply base
Adhere to evolving legislation and newly emerging policies
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Achieve your brand commitments
Stay on top of the ever-increasing number of sustainability topics affecting the modern supply chain

Where do you start?

The Kickstart Assessment is a questionnaire we send out to your suppliers to help gauge where they are on their individual sustainability journeys. It is the most efficient and actionable method to start engaging your suppliers on a range of issues. 

One simple assessment can include:

  • Carbon / Scope 3 emissions

  • Social risk/compliance

  • Product sustainability

  • Materials of concern

  • Biodiversity

  • Plastics and packaging


Our Kickstart Assessment will provide you with:

1 The answers you need to inform future priorities via one simple questionnaire
2 A benchmark data of your suppliers' sustainability journeys
3 Maximised engagement from suppliers through industry configuration

Our promise

Provide us with your brand guidelines and list of suppliers and we will do the rest. It really is that simple.

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In 2 weeks…

You will have a live platform which is tailored to your brand and includes practical supplier self-help resources via a knowledge base. 

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In 4 weeks…

See the first results come in from your suppliers as soon as they are submitted. As the data comes in, you will be able to start piecing together where your suppliers are on their sustainability journeys and identify how that will influence strategic priorities. 

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In 8 weeks…

Your Kickstart Assessment will be complete, with industry-leading supplier participation levels and response rate. You are now in a much better position to make informed decisions based on accurate supplier data. 

Kickstart Assessment outcomes

Gain clarity and confidence

  • Identify which certifications or standards to adopt

  • Inform ranging, formulation and sourcing policy

  • Monitor product and raw material risks and exposure

  • Support supplier selection, upskilling and offboarding decisions

  • Tick that first ESG reporting box

I really wasn’t sure where to start and felt like my sustainability strategy was a shot in the dark. The Kickstart Assessment gave me the confidence of where to tackle first, what would be next, and which
issues to defer to later.


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Kickstart assessment_Going it alone

The limitations of going at it alone

  • Sourcing the unique skillset required is difficult and expensive

  • Heavy time burden of supplier chasing and manual reporting via spreadsheets and emails

  • Much lower supplier response rates

  • Failure to make the required progress in achieving goals

These limitations can lead to stagnant sustainability initiatives - something which comes with high cost and high risk. Overcome this with our Kickstart Assessment.

Gain clarity to start advancing your brand sustainability