The Complete Guide to Data-Driven, People-Centric Sustainability

This whitepaper consolidates a decades’ worth of hands on experience helping the world’s biggest brands implement sustainability initiatives and make an impact.


Make an impact with your sustainability initiatives

What's included in the white paper:​

  • Establish sustainability goals using tried and tested methods that global brands use to advance their sustainability impact.

  • Quickly collect high quality data to benchmark and monitor performance without the soul destroying supplier chasing.

  • Align and activate your suppliers with your strategy so that they are just as invested as you.​

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We've helped some of the world’s biggest brands implement sustainability initiatives and make an impact using techniques in this guide


Sarah Blanchard

Head of ESG, Prof Consulting

David Taylor

Director, Supply Pilot

April Summerscales-Grant

Marketing Manager, Supply Pilot

Turn your sustainability strategy into an actionable, measurable plan

As customers and investors demand businesses to be more sustainable and responsible, sustainability leaders and practitioners are gaining a more strategic role within their organisation.

However, there is a lack of any common playbook to turn sustainability strategies into actionable and measurable plans. This can leave even the brightest minds feeling overwhelmed with the breadth and complexity of transforming their organisation or meeting their public commitments.

When Supply Pilot shared the brief for this whitepaper I was a little surprised. They are literally giving away months' worth of free consultancy in this guide.

Sarah Blanchard Head of ESG, Prof Consulting

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