Creating a butterfly effect

How sustainability and procurement professionals can spark small changes that have a profound impact on profitability and sustainability for brands and retailers 

Creating a butterfly effect

The business opportunity and advantage of sustainability

This whitepaper aims to encourage not just sustainability professionals but also procurement teams and other departments to view supply chain sustainability as the bountiful opportunity that it is.

We explore what approaches and perspectives you need to adopt to get started on the journey to becoming more sustainable, and in turn, more profitable.

What's included in this whitepaper:​

  • Learn how resource efficiency can help your business become more sustainable AND profitable​
  • Discover how the lessons learnt from elite sports training ​can be applied to supply chain sustainability
  • Determine what small steps you can take in your role to affect large positive impact for your brand.

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The time to act is now 

As the global financial and political climate continues to be unstable and volatile, and the effects of climate change and biodiversity loss affects the availability of raw materials, it is critical that retailers and brands look at ways to push for greater sustainability within their supply chains.

Forget the silver bullet. Be more efficient across all supply chain processes and you will start to make significant progress towards larger sustainability targets. 

James Butcher

CEO, Supply Pilot

Sustainability no longer has to be such a complex challenge

We demonstrate how just by simply reframing the way we talk about sustainability combined with smaller cumulative actions can have a profound effect on what is achievable by businesses and their suppliers.

Who this whitepaper is for: ​

​Any brand or retailer interested in implementing sustainability; professionals in the following fields/roles in particular:

  • Procurement
  • Sustainability
  • Finance
  • Compliance
  • Senior management / board members

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James Butcher

CEO, Supply Pilot

Tom Snee

Content Director, Cartwright Communications

Lucy Moore

Sustainability Content Manager, Supply Pilot​

April Summerscales-Grant

Marketing Manager, Supply Pilot

David Taylor

Supply Chain Sustainability Consultant, Supply Pilot