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Streamline ESG data capture and integration

The partnership brings together Supply Pilot's expertise in supplier collaboration and sustainability and ESG initiatives, and Aevitas IT's experience in ERP/PLM system integrations to provide a comprehensive solution for simplifying capturing ESG data from the supply chain and integrating it into existing systems.

This will allow ESG data to be consolidated into a single location, providing transparent reporting, and reducing the administrative burden on brands.




To keep up with the changing consumer demands, the increased reporting requirements, new laws, and legislations businesses need practical and pragmatic solutions. This is the value Supply Pilot offers with proven capability to engage suppliers with market-leading response rates and participation and helps companies to identify their priorities.

Data collection is not only quantitative information on products, components, and materials but also qualitative data around change plans or the barriers to change. From reducing carbon footprint to ensuring a responsible supply chain, businesses must engage with all of their supply chain to make ESG reporting truly meaningful. 

Our partnership with Supply Pilot will allow us to help our clients achieve this.

Robert Neill
Robert Neill COO, Aevitas IT

Supply Pilot and Aevitas IT announce strategic partnership to accelerate brands' ESG journeys

At Supply Pilot, we have a proven track record of helping companies collect data from suppliers, aligning and activating those suppliers to companies’ sustainability initiatives and supporting suppliers through change. However, there can still be complexity in centralizing all this new ESG data and storing it alongside existing product or organizational data for meaningful, transparent, and actionable reporting.

The new wave of powerful ESG reporting tools such as SAP Control Tower relies on quality data.

Aevitas IT brings the expertise around SAP and SAP integration. We are thrilled to partner with the team at Aevitas IT to provide our clients with a ‘joined-up’ ESG solution. This partnership will allow us to better serve our clients by continuing to provide a complete data collection and supplier engagement platform and services, but that can integrate seamlessly into their existing systems such as the SAP ESG Control Tower, to report on actual, accurate, and actionable data and not industry averages.

James Butcher Avatar
James Butcher Supply Pilot CEO

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